A beautiful combination - Part 2. Flowers on a grave

I'm an alien, I'm a legal alien (c)
Фэндом: классический Devil May Cry
Персонажи: Верджил, Данте
Направленность: джен
Рейтинг и предупреждения: R
Жанр: ангст, dark
Размер: драббл
Язык: английский
Disclaimer: DMC - Capcom.

Vergil was dreaming. He had to be, there was no other way to explain why he found himself standing in the rain atop Temen-Ni-Gru. That was twenty years ago. He was in Hell now, safe within the walls of his castle. Safe, he was safe. Unlike his brother.
But Dante was here as well. Vergil saw him clear as day, sitting on the edge of the platform, his flamboyant red coat wet and glistening, his white hair shining in the pearly light of the giant moon only partially obscured by the clouds. Vergil strode to him quickly and eagerly, feeling lighter and calmer than he remembered feeling in a long, long time. It wasn't a dream, it couldn't be. Dante was here, alive and free, they both were young and had all their lives, no - life, one for the two of them - ahead. They had the world at their feet.
Vergil came to stand by his brother's side.
- Dante, - the elder greeted the younger gladly.
Dante turned slowly, and Vergil felt all the joy and peace leave him, sucked away by the horror in front. Dante's face was deathly pale, bluish almost, his eyes were glassy and vacant, and in his chest, where his heart should have been, a gaping hole bled over the jagged pieces of broken ribs.
- Dante… - Vergil said again, and his voice trembled. - What happened? Why?..
Colorless lips moved, and a reply came, short, and cold, and even.
- I am dead.
- Who did this? How?..
A hollow, mirthless laugh chilled Vergil to the bone.
- You ask me that? You of all people? Have you lost your memory, or have you gone completely mad with your sadistic sense of pleasure?
- Answer me, Dante! - Vergil almost growled.
- So you want me to describe in details how you killed me, huh?
- I?.. - his knees grew suddenly weak and he had trouble keeping himself standing.
- You want to know what it was like when you, my twin, my last remaining family, stabbed me through the chest with my very own sword? When you crushed my hope in your hand and left me alone forever, to drown in eternal solitude, to burn my heart away as a sacrifice to that damned duty of humanity's protector? Why, Vergil? Is it not enough that you forced it upon me? Must I tell you all of it and relive it once again? Is that why you called me from the dead?
- No, Dante, I… - words failed him. And what could he say? That he was sorry? That it wasn't what he wanted? That it was killing him inside to see his brother like this?
Had he known the outcome, he would have killed himself to prevent it. But what was it to Dante? History knows no "if-s". He was alive, and his brother, his mirror image, his only friend, his twin, his light in the endless dark, his very life in the world of the dead was torn and broken, gone beyond salvation. Because of him.
Vergil half collapsed, half set down, covered his face with his hands. His fingers fisted on his temples, tugging roughly at his hair. Dante fell silent.
- Can I go back now? - he asked quietly after what seemed like hours.
- Where? - whispered Vergil.
- To oblivion, where else.
- I thought… I thought you'd be with her. In a better place. You should be, you belong with her, you deserve it. Why is it not so?!
Anger eased the heavy, suffocating knot inside him a bit. Anger at fate, at something else but himself. But… it was all his fault anyway.
- How should I know? Maybe that is because she was whole. After all, I am only a part of a person, something he used to be, something he could have been. We are both living proof - do you get my joke? - that it's quite possible to live without a heart. The will is enough.
That was true. Vergil had believed it for years. And now he regretted it more than anything.
- I'm just a shadow, dead and buried. No-one remembers me, no-one needs me, I am at peace. Let me go. I did that for you thrice. - He glanced at the terrible wound in his chest.
Vergil looked up, but couldn't meet his eyes.
- Dante… I did not call you back to torment you. I never wanted it. I… I missed you. - Words were coming now, and each one brought painful relief and sorrow ever deeper. - I called you, the brother I remembered. The one who always stood up and fought, however he'd fallen. Who never surrendered. Who knew not what fear meant. Who did not kill me, when he could and should have. Who offered me his hand as I fell. Who grieved my loss. Who gave me back my freedom and identity, when I was a broken, mindless slave. Who came for me to Hell. I need you, Dante.
A shadow of life lit his twin's eyes before he looked away.
- Your words are like flowers on a grave, Vergil. They are too late. But… thanks anyway. When I was alive, it was all I ever dreamt to hear, all I longed to hear. Still. Let me go. Please.
- I don't want to, - Vergil said simply. He moved closer to Dante, and in one movement that was so forgotten he was surprised how easy it came, embraced him gently and confidently. He leaned his head against his twin's shoulder and in a few moments felt Dante do the same. They sat unmoving for a long time, as the rain washed away blood, and hatred, and sorrow, leaving behind only sadness and peace.
- Flowers on a grave, - whispered Dante. - They are so beautiful, Vergil. But they will soon be dead, like me.
Vergil felt a tear hot and burning roll down his cheek. In some stupid childish hope he looked at the gaping hole in Dante's chest. If he, a devil, could cry, perhaps his tears would be the cure to mend his twin's wounds and bring his heart back? But, of course, nothing changed.
He desperately wanted to ask him to come back together, but deep inside he knew. Dante was right. He was too late.
- Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, - Dante said softly, as if trying to console him.
Vergil nodded wordlessly, and it was the hardest thing he had ever done.
- Thank you, - echoed through the air, as Vergil found himself embracing emptiness. His heart hurt so bad he fully expected to find it had been ripped out like Dante's. But he was fine. And then he woke up.

@темы: фанфик, Devil May Cry

2017-05-02 в 11:01 

морген, морген, нур нихт хойте - заген алле фаулен лёйте
Ваши рассказы ужасны. Просто сидишь и хватаешь ртом воздух.
Это ощущение, когда сначала легко и светло - какое счастье, это был просто глюк, вот он, со мной, все хорошо, а потом накрывает огромное, бесконечное горе. Чувство, что ничего нельзя исправить. Что худшее уже случилось, и все остальное не имеет никакого смысла.
Правда ли Вергилий видел Данте, или это был просто сон и все эти страшные вещи от лица Данте он сам себе сказал? Если сон - значит, он не обнимал Данте, и Данте так и не услышал те самые слова, которые так долго ждал. Пусть это будет не сон. Пусть будет какое-то свидание душ.

Данте, наверное, тоже тяжело возвращаться к Вергилию. Наверное, он тоже ощущает, как это неправильно, что они не вместе, и больно видеть, как брат мучается, и лучше уж никак, чем вот так, и что мучает не только себя, но и Вергилия, и потому просится назад. Не хочет приносить боль, хотя в начале был очень зол и даже как будто не против выплеснуть Вергилию в лицо все, что не мог при жизни.
Когда Вергилий был под Мундусом, это, оказывается, были еще цветочки. Вот теперь он действительно сломлен. Очень страшно видеть его таким. И насколько его надо сломать, чтобы он сказал, наконец, что у него на сердце.

Так хотелось, чтобы эта слеза, и правда, оживила Данте.
Жалко, что Вергилий не спросил, будут ли они вместе, когда он умрет. На это одна надежда.

грустно и так кристально завершенно в безнадеге.

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I'm an alien, I'm a legal alien (c)
Зачем я это написала... Прочитала Ваш отзыв, и самой теперь так грустно...

Пусть это будет не сон. Пусть будет какое-то свидание душ.
Может быть, это одно и то же? :small:

грустно и так кристально завершенно в безнадеге
Хотите, я немного испорчу впечатление? =) читать дальше

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морген, морген, нур нихт хойте - заген алле фаулен лёйте
Xian, Фух, слава богу! читать дальше

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I'm an alien, I'm a legal alien (c)


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